“On August 7th, 8th and 9th, 2015, Kathara performed for 3 distinct occasions, which demanded the best of each member and highlighted the values of our collective. In all honesty, this is how I learned what it truly meant to be part of this tribe. I recently joined the group in the hopes to express my urge to dance and share my innate love for music. What I found was deeper than I hoped. The troupe is more than exploring creativity and evoking emotions, it allows each of us to explore within ourselves and to be open to our surroundings. We tell a story about our ancestors, we emphasize human vulnerability to the elements, and, importantly, we highlight the beauty of individuality. The first thing we learn is the history to understand the values that Kathara promotes, and to transfer our traditions from generation to generation. We also exchange with others our culture. Then, through performances we exercise our abilities to adapt and to make the best of circumstances, despite the rainy weather or unexpected setting. I was very nervous at the TELA fashion because of many details. Many last minute changes had to be done. However, I feel as if it strengthened our bond because we knew that we were all on the same boat, and our goal was to deliver our best to depict what Kathara is all about. I believe that most of my nervousness comes from my little experience with the troupe. I am at the beginner stage. As a dancer, I look forward in developing my confidence by opening up my timid personality through movements and seek all the possibilities to spread the word about our Indigenous roots and to celebrate Life. Lupa ay buhay!”

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