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We believe in the promotion of Philippine Indigenous People’s rights, art, culture, identity via performances, community events, education advocacy.

Distinguished Dance Award by the 2nd Writers' International Network Canada 2013 (WIN) CANADA'S BEST

Welcome to Kathara

Society description: Kathara (KA-TA-RA) Society is a community-based non-profit organization composed of dancers, musicians, actors, poets, activists, martial and media artists. We are dedicated to the promotion of Philippines Indigenous Peoples cultural arts & history and work closely with Coast Salish people. We have been given permission by Bagobo Tagabawa tribe in the Davao Region to portray Bagobo Tagabawa culture through our members and founders: Elenita Boots Dumlao, Babette Santos-Caballero, and JR Guerrero. We deliver innovative community-engaged arts and culture projects that focus on performative and non-performative arts that is hinged on the values of social justice, decolonization, re-indiginization, and community healing.

Board of Directors

Sobey Wing

Kathara Director

Emerald Asuncion

Board Member

JR Guerrero

Society Finance Officer

Babette Santos

Multidisciplinary Artist/Facilitator and Cultural Programmer

Lillian Howard

Board Member

William Canero

VP Board Member

Bert Monterona

Artist, Educator and Cultural Worker

Kathara Artists 

Babette Santos

Multidisciplinary Artist/Facilitator and Cultural Programmer

Corrine Enojo

Dance Artist

Tin Gamboa

Emerging Artist

Office Hours

9 am – 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

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Vancouver, BC

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