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Adlaw Ni Lapu Lapu 2020 – Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society

Adlaw Ni Lapu Lapu 2020

Kathara Pilipinx Indigenous Society with support from The Center for Babaylan Studies presents

Adlaw ni Lapu Lapu (Lapu Lapu Dau)

April 26th (Northern Hemisphere) April 27th (Southern Hemisphere), 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST


Lapu Lapu Day was declared in commemoration of the victory of Lapu-Lapu and his warriors against foreign invaders led by Ferdinand Magellan in the “Battle of Mactan” on Apr. 27, 1521.

“Whereas, the Battle of Mactan is among the significant events in the Philippines history and serve as testimony to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the ceremonies.” -Proclamation 461, April 2,2018

Datu Shishir Inocalla will share Filipino Martial Arts practices for self-isolation and Kathara Society’s Artistic Director, Babette Santos, sharing an introduction to Kuntao martial dance. 5-7pm Pacific.
This online event aims to strengthen our body, mind and spirit against the threat of Covid19 and to help us stand together as we move forward.

This event is by donation. Suggested donation is $10 Canadian. Donations go towards the ongoing work of Kathara Pilipinx Indigenous Arts Society, the Center for Babaylan Studies, our instructors and artists. Please give what you can via etransfer to katharainfo@gmail.com

For security purposes please register via email to katharainfo@gmail.com with

-Affiliations (organizations, communities)
-Kathara and/or CfBS event(s) attended previously
-Access Needs

Featured Artwork by Daniel Balbon, Cebu City via Karakoa Productions

Mga igsuun, magpabilin kitang isug sa atuang pakigbatuk niining sakit nga COVID-19. Karun nga niabut na ang test kits ug gisugdan na ug tukud ang testing centers sa atuang mga nagkadaiyang dakbayan ug lalawigan, mangandam kita sa mamahimung pagpanaghan sa mga nataptan sa sakit. Ampingan natu ang atuang panglawas pamaagi sa kanunay nga paghugas sa kamut ug sa paglikay sa mga dagkung punduk sa mga taw. Pabilin kita sa atung mga panimalay; manggawas ra kita kun duna’y kinahanglang palitunun.

Dili kita angay mahadluk; kanunay kitang gibantayan sa atuang mga umalagad ug diwata. Ang dugung isug sa atuang mga katigulangang manggubat nagpabiling gadagan sa atuang kaugatan. ??

Brothers and sisters, let us all stay brave in our fight against COVID-19. Now that test kits have arrived and testing centers established in our respective cities and provinces, prepare for the possible increase in confirmed cases. Let us safeguard our health through frequent handwashing and social distancing. Stay at home; leave only for necessary purchases.

We should have nothing to be afraid of; the spirits of our ancestors and deities are perpetually watching over us. The blood of bravery from our ancestry of warriors courses through our veins. ??

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9 am – 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

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