2017 Kapwa Fundraiser

2016 Babaylan International Conference

2016 Nchu7mut Kaisa: One Spirit One Mind, Performance Fundraiser

2016 Kwayetsut: The Marking of Your Inner Power, Artist(s) Talk

2015 Visits of Champions (Paring Bert, Vicky Corpuz, Kidlat Tahimik)
AND Legacy of Lapu-Lapu

2014 Kapwa 2014 Sensing Ourselves In Others Festival

October 2013 Bagobo The New People @ the Roundhouse Community Centre (On the occasion of the 2nd Annual Indigenous People’s Day) VIDEO clip

Kathara Society presents with great pride and joy, BAGOBO: The New People, a labour of love presented with much respect to the land we walk and to the spirits of our ancestors. Bagobo: The New People is a testament to Kathara’s work in the past 10 years marked by an immersion program early this year with the Bagobo Tagabawa of Davao del Sur in Mindanao Southern Philippines. This is their story. Our story.

BAGOBO tells the story of a young Bagobo’s farewell to his elders and tribe in search of life and opportunities in the city, away from sacred mountains, away from company of eagles and frogs, the ebbing of the tide,… It tells a story of courage forged inside each ones Indigenous soul… as Mother Nature looks on.

December 2012 – “Busong” International Film Premiere @ the Rio Theatre – First offering of Kathara Society. Video clip (link): A multi-generational theatrical opening presentation by Kathara Dance Theatre. Welcoming and land acknowledgement by Chief Ian Campbell and Mandy Nahanee.

“Busong” or “Palawan Fate” is a film about the Pala’wan tribe in the Philippines. It is the first feature ever made in the Palawan-on language. Busong suggests future directions for First Peoples cinema in its intoxicating mixture of reality and myth, past and future, modern technology and traditional storytelling.

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